|| Gaushala ||

Surbhi Ashram Gaushala

Shri Gau Mahima (grace of the cow) is infinite. Their blessings are equal to the blessings of Bhagwaan himself. Shri Ranchodrayji Bhagwan and his cows are inseparable. Shri Krishna in Shri Gita says:

“Sarvoponishada Gavo Dogdha Gopalnandana Partha Vatsa Sudhirbhokta Dughdham, Gitamritam Mahat,”

which literally means The Upnishads are cows, Lord Gpalnandnana is the cow milker, Partha-Arjuna is the Calf, the wise scholars are the drinkers of that milk and Gita is that Milk, the nectar of life.

The Gir Cows of Surbhi Ashram are, thus, the part of Bhagwaan. They add to the piousness of Bhagwaan and let his blessings be received by everyone of us through them. The cows are for Thakurji’s comfort and he is the owner of them. They and their generations have been with Bhagwaan since years and stay around him almost all the time. During the Aarti gather around His mandir, his home and let the voice and the darshan of Shri Ranchodrayji sink in. Shri Pushpendraprasadji is the primary caretaker along with his family who has been studying the little calf’s, their development, their herd behavior, their approach towards exposure in open vast land, etc and thus is a very large subject in itself. But the whole and soul purpose more primitive than the ones mentioned above is the service to them. The wholesomeness in serving the mother cow is a different level of bliss very few get the opportunity to. Thus, to make the most of it Surbhi Ashram has continuously strived to make every little, big, and old cow or Nandi bull comfortable at their home.

Cows love and stay happy in monotony and even that can be a task in itself where the people who serve them have to stay in monotony and in case it breaks due to medical emergencies that has to be attended immediately and 24 hours of attention and presence. The cows at Surbhi Ashram are always attended personally and looked after. Thus, they are also provided to live in their natural habitats where they are set free occasionally in the fields during or after the harvest.

The little calf’s always have their mothers milk until their stomachs are full and later go and mix away with other little friends of theirs. The mother cows are always looked after in order to make them stay healthy and full. The old and retired ones are mostly mixed with all the other adult and medium aged cows in a herd and are the most payed attention to. They are given comfortable land to rest on and fodder to feed so they
can equally enjoy what they deserve. Thus, the bliss of Surbhi Ashram where one can enjoy the wholesome solitude of one’s soul where Shreeji resides among His cows.