|| Aspirations ||

Since the Ashram was founded it had been a fulfillment of dreams and aspirations. It’s a product of hard work and extreme dedication to do what is best for every cow and calf who reside here. Therefore, as the Ashram flourishes with the Blessings of Shri Ranchodrayji Bhagwan there are things that need to be done. With the changing climatic conditions which highly affect the agricultural part and sometimes even failed crops for fodder there are backdrops that we face and which needs your support and togetherness in order to overcome the big hurdles it faces. Problems like Rainfall and insect attacks are common. There is also an increase in cattle which leads to increase in fodder requirements and various problems also delay in the indispensable amount of fodder for cows.

We intend to at least buy 500 bighas of land for fodder in order to produce feeds that fulfill what is necessary. It would help us to stay self-dependent and that the Ashram would have its own fodder producing land to fill the stomachs of mother cows and pasture lands so the cattle can freely graze.

Surbhi Ashram has been thankful to people who have supported by showing their selfless love and therefore, we wish to establish a Dharamshala in the premises where Shri Ranchodrayji mandir is so it will help everyone to experience the peace, the aura of Bhagwan himself and the bliss of Surbhi’s cows.

These are some long term goals we have been planning to do, we are striving to make it possible soon and thus would be a cherry on top of whatever Bhagwan has provided us.