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Welcome to the official site of Surbhi Ashram of Shree Ranchodraay ji bhagwaan, which sustains on the merry life of Bhagwan’s holy cows and their happiness and a journey to the how, when, what and why of this oraganization which has bloomed into a synthesis of spirituality and Gausewa. It emphasizes on the complete comfort of its cows by simple living which is the hallmark of its foundation on the first place.

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Since the preservation of the Gir breed is the main objective behind the Gaushala, we provide the bulls of this breed to other Gaushalas in


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Surbhi Ashram is the abode of Shree Ranchodraay ji bhagwan adorned with Gir Cows and horses all around.The Ashram resides in the embrace of all the fruits and flowers, Gauvansh and Ashwavansh who embellish the comfort of Bhagwan himself and the one who owns them.

The Ashram is built and developed in such a way which creates an aura of purity and piousness at every corner of the place. Plus, the Dharmakul family of Shri Swaminarayan bhagwan who offer their lifelong services in the Ashram have given up their comfort and all of their life in the service of Bhagwan Ranchodhrayji and his cows.