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The grandeur of Havan is known to all. Its an ancient Rig Vedic practice which is performed for diverse purposes, it brings devotee closer to Bhagwan, the pious fire even bonds two souls of a human in the holy institution of Marriage and authenticates it in Hinduism, performing Havan can even bear a child to the childless with the grace of god. It is even proven to improve health, eliminate negativity and therefore cleansing the aura of the atmosphere.

At Surbhi Ashram we have initiated performing Havan or Yagya, for those who are unable to perform Havan due to reasons which makes it inevitable like living overseas, frequent travelling, and others as such.

With the modern technology at its peak and advancements each day, we have good arrangements where a Bhakt can perform Havan/Yagya to Shree Ranchodhrayji Bhagwan or Shri Hanumanji Maharaj, who is present on earth in his divine form and is known to be the fruit giver of all Karma.

He, who bestows his followers with Mayik Sukh (earthly happiness), and manages various hurdles or challenges we face in our daily lives due to planetary placement on our Kundali or evil powers which are caused by some who disagree with us.

It is known widely, how Hanumanji Maharaj has given his grace to the childless, vanished any evil spirits lurking upon someone, and many such things, he is known to show his mercy and shower blessings to those in need.

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The Havan shall be performed in the Temple Mandapa (in the Havankund), exactly according to the rituals mentioned in the Vedas and the Vedic way by accomplished Brahmins.

The complete Video clip would be shared with the Bhakt and we would also provide the live footage as per the wish of the Bhakt.

PLEASE NOTE:- The Dakshina involved is including the entire expense that shall be incurred for the Karma and need to be paid in Advance only in favour of Surbhi Ashram online banking.

Other than that, a Bhakt can also donate a cow to the Gaushala by purchasing one from the Gaushala itself in the name of Vidhivat Gaudaan (Gaudaan done the Vedic way with Mantras chanted along is considered as Mahadaan)

A Vidhivat Gau poojan will be performed by Accomplished Brahmins. And the video of the entire process would be shared with the Yajmaan. Once the whole Pooja and the Yagya are completed.