The Ashram’s main aim is to the provide the best to everyone who reside under the benevolence of Bhagwan Shree Hari, be it Cows, Horses, or Sewadars. That is why we aim to provide organic fodder of best quality to them. The Ashram Owns a few Bigha of agricultural land where the sole aim is to produce fodder for them. The crops grown like maize, barley, oats, alfalfa etc. are provided to them when there is 50% flowering as this is the time when the crops have the best quality and high nutrient. The Ashram does not cultivate for commercial use or sale. We provide 50% Dry Fodder and 50% Green Fodder which is grown in the ashram itself. The Dry Fodder is purchased keeping in mind the quality and we ensure that it is organically cultivated. We aim to increase our fodder yield at the ashram so that the Ashram can provide the best to them. We expect BHUMIDAAN / DONATE A LAND OR AMOUNT FOR LAND, which can help the ashram in cultivating more. The manure is prepared from the cow dung which substitutes fertilizers and Jeevamrit which is prepared in the Gaushala itself from the byproducts of the gaushala.