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Rajasthan Gaushala Act.1960 under section 5 no : 1231/12 Dt.03/12/2012
Reg. No. : 56/Sirohi/2011-12

“You are a changemaker for us and for everyone including us.”

Our Gaushala as always said is operated by the grace of Shri Ranchodrayji Bhagwan. We contribute to whatever amount we receive to the development, fodder, caretaking and the well being of the cows. From the very beginning, our Ashram has strived to pay attention to the comfort of each and every cow since their generations before until now. Their happiness is felt like sweet music to our ears and their preservation our goal. Milk that is received, is a pre-conceived notion, which is not in abundance. 80% of our cows are non- milking ones and the 20% are the ones milking. The care and the income is wholly invested for both of them equally. The milk resources, we are blessed with, is consumed for making food items for Bhagwan’s bhog/thaal and Prasadam in the name of Shri Hari and Gaushala. The leftover income is given amongst the three families who reside in the premises of gaushala who devote their services there.

The surplus yet left is in its raw form is converted in packaging in small scale and sold here (link of Shop to Support).

Your support in the form of donation or various other forms will help us because it will keep us going and provide us to change lives of these indigenous breed of Gir cows of India who reside here and will make a difference. Your support matters to us and your partnership will help us reach our goal and together we can contribute to the good

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Because we believe in your desire to change the world and the reputation of Indian cow breed staying intact. It will help us to ease out the services and make them smooth so that they might stay healthy and strong. If the change is not made it would make it hard for us to manage every age categories of cows who reside here in peace with equal and special care.


Hanumanji Deepak / lamp oil ( Kacchi ghaani Til )Sewa Per Month

People Involved

Shree Pushpendra Prasad Pande
Shree Raghvendra Prasad Pande
Shree Prakash Kumar Mishra
Shree Sheshmani Dubey
Shree Rahul Mishra
Shree Jaymin Maniya
Shree Viren Dhakecha
Shree Sailesh Rawal
Shree Taral Patel
Avadh Prasad Pande