Why the kathiawari today?

Strive is a fruit bearing tree. Today to look at India and it's culture, we would see people who come an everyday event at some villages where people gather and hear the stories of bravery and valor of historical personalities which remain dead in the progressing India. We are taught about Mahatma Gandhi, about revolts and movements that happened, about some known historical figures which cannot forgotten in our lifetime whilst leaving other brave fighters who fought on head-up horses and mares only to preserve what has been theirs and others for generations. These stories and poems and shayaris of the KATHIAWARI are still sung and narrated with spirited and enthusiastic people when people gather to hear about their ancestors in villages. Even if they are uneducated by some means but they carry the real treasure of India which has been buried almost and is preserved in their minds and hearts. The stories which tell us how these mentally and physically strong the Kathiawari horses and mares remained in the very care and authority of their fellow humans supporting them like spines when the time came. Songs which bloom hearts and erect goosebumps of how the Kathiwari horses and mares and their endless service to mankind. We don't know the history yet. We don't know it all. Or maybe we will never know until we take interest and are not proud by words but proud in our hearts of these people who won't ever be written in books in the deep digging of Google or by stories heard by lucky travellers. I hope people become more aware and affectionate towards the Kathiwari horses and become their proud "preservers" and help the Precious Kathiawari from near extinction. Help treasure from leaving the world because trust me we will be poor. Hail the Kathiawari, live long tge Kathiawari!!


Surbhi Ashram is home to some of best Kathiawari breed of stallions and mares in India. They embellish the presence of Shri Ranchodrayji Bhagwan. He owns them and he is the soul caretaker of horses. The Kathiwari is an Indigenous breed of India who are known for their rugged and sure footed physical features and the bloodline which can be traced back to hundreds of years. They are also known for their conduct with humans where they represent the protectiveness and the loyalty they have towards their owners. This breed of horses at Surbhi Ashram lead a very graceful life around Bhagwan himself and we strive to preserve this breed for generations to come and their indigenous development along. The horses are not for continuous breeding rather they are there to increase Bhagwan’s glory who resides on the Foothills of the Aravalli’s. At Surbhi Ashram, these horses live in a symbiotic relationship with the cows and get mixed with them on cold winter days and sometimes even hard to find when between them! We, at Surbhi Ashram, exert our best efforts to keep their development intact and progress for their preservation for time to come.

the kathiawari and Swaminarayan bhagwan

Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan who blessed the mrityulok from 1781-1830 and established the great Swaminarayan Sampraday in the early 19th century was fond of the pious Kathiawari horses. Shree Sahajanand Swami owned the beautiful Manki mare, who was a Pure Kathiawari and was called by the name of her color-brown- same as that of Manek. She was a gift by Dada Khachar to Maharaj. She was Bhagwaan’s first choice in travel. Manki was completely dedicated to the lotus feet of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwaan. In the horse language, it is popularly known that Manki was extremely attractive and charming and usually the horses carry 36 drawbacks but the Kathiawari Mare Manki had none. Premanand Swami had complimented Manki-“Garad laaj lopi Manki ee sou”. She was strictly loyal to Bhagwan only and walked or paced as per the wish of Bhagwaan. She was a divine mare who was always ornamented with the best jewellery and softest cloth. Manki was so devoted to Bhagwan that the day bhagwaan left abode to Akshardham Mnaki left food and water. Her soul left her body on the thirteenth day of Bhagwaan’s Departure. She was so pure and pious that even if a person full of demonish thoughts would touch her would Immediately be gain the complete feeling of Bhakti in his/her soul. Thus, the legend of The Great Kathiawari Mare—Manki!

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