At Surbhi Ashram
The cows are served exactly in the way they should be that is with respect and care. The most important point in working in the Gasuhala is as said by an Englishman “owner’s eye fattens the cow”. Pushpendraprasadji , being the ardent caretaker since he was a youth, in fact since he finished his college and joined the life within the Gauvansh here, himself is keenly interested in working with the cows and the labours are also selected people who actually love their jobs so the word Gauseva sounds meaningful.
-These cows are disease free and in healthy living conditions and are also vaccinated timely
-The cows are given organic fodder where some is grown here in the limited grass lands available here and some is purchased from farmers who do strict organic farming.
-Extra calcium is given to pregnant cows, growing calves and the milking ones, with supplement of multi vitamins, which overcomes several mineral deficiencies in the body.
-These cows are provided with big fans and mosquito repellent ayurvedic smoke keeping the flies away
– It is a routine practice of the staff to weekly wash the floors and walls with high pressure water pump, where the Gauvansh sits and roams around and simultaneously anti ticks and treatment is done, keeping the Gauvansh free from physical harm that may happen.
-The Gaushala has nominated an every Sunday senior dedicated veterinarian to visit for general check-up.
-All the cows are Dewormed timely
-The cow who has delivered a calf is given special care and is provided a separate helping area for 15 days where she can rest with her new born.
-The Bulls / Nandi , are the master of the Gaushala so he also is taken care of separately by feeding rich protein food with multi vitamins.
-The calves are fed with their mother’s milk full up to their satisfaction and are not separated from their mother’s for at least 3 months from the day of their beautiful birth.
-The cow shades are equipped with mist fogger machine which keeps the inside temperature under control during harsh summers.
– The Gaushala is provided with curtains during winter season to prevent the cows from the freezing winds.
– There is special provision for monsoon where the Gauvansh can sit in comfort upon dry floor with rubber mats.
-We feed the Gaushala cows with green and dry fodder, concentrate made from cotton seed oil, maize, crushed wheat grains, salt, Gud, Tuver kormu.
– The fodder is provided to the Gauvansh according to the season, this keeps their tummies happy.

Above are some points that indicate our way of caring the cows.