We would like you to go through the several reasons behind our purpose for seeking donations for the Gaumata

Since the wave of industrialization in the world, farming has come almost to an end. Most farmers have diverted towards cash crop and stopped cultivating fodder crops. So whatever fodder available is highly expensive and above all to buy a good quality fodder prepared without the use of chemical fertilizers is like a dream come true. As well as the transportation cost and labour for loading unloading has reached the sky.

-Also the feed we provide the cows which comes from cotton mills have raised their prices. As before, twice a year the prices would come very down when we were able to stock the feeds for six months together. But today the price is same all the year round.

-The number of milking cows are always 20% of the total herd. The calf lives with their mothers 24×7, thus the milk provided by the cows to us is also distributed among the sewadars (who work for the cows) family and sometime it is churned to finally obtain ghee which is first provided to the temple here for Shreeji sewa and also prasadam. The leftover buttermilk after churning is again provided to the young growing heifers. In a way, there is negligible income from milk or its products.

-We also do not sell the manure, as it is utilized into the green fodder fields here itself.

-Putting up new ideas for creating income for the Gaushala, other than the green fodder cultivation and the Gaumutra and Gobar sale shall divert our minds on another path, so concentrating on keeping the cows in the best should be the prime goal. A HEALTHY COW WAS ONCE THE SYMBOL OF INDIAN CULTURE, BUT TODAY A COW SHOWING MERE BONES AND WE PITY ON THEM IS THE VIEW WE SEE. Sorry, but this is inhumanity and shame on us for this. Today visitors here ask us that ‘is this an imported cow’ and the reason behind this question is because they find this type of good health in cows outside India so they compare the perfect health of cows at the Surbhi Ashram Gaushala. We are proud to prove ourselves of what perfect health an Indian Cow should have. Today they are no less than the good quality cows found in other countries. They do not want mercy, but they have the right to be respected. Increase in numbers of Panjrapole and Mahajan where stray cows are served
is not a good sign of a healthy country, just like the increase in homes for the old people is also not a good sign.

-The labour problem is international. So, the skilled labours available here charge very high salaries. We at the Gaushala are not at all dependent on labours as we ourselves work with them but up to some extent you need them for the better caring in a herd more than even 10 cows. Even if we sell the milk, the ghee, the Gaumutra ark, still the expenses will not be covered.

-In the past the cows survived on grazing but there is no land left for the cows so every straw, we are supposed to buy for them. The Gaushala provides the cows with the best medical treatment to ill cows. Also, the mineral supplements we provide to all the cows are of the best quality.

The above points are some from many reasons to explain you all, as those who are unknown about the facts of how a Gaushala manages, is for them why the Gaushala need donation in the form of financial, mental or physical.

-A physical donor can come up to the Gaushala and help us in what way he/she wants to. Even you can propagate about our services to the Cows to your friends and ask them if they can be of any help to the Gaushala at Surbhi Ashram gaushala.

-A financial donor is also very important as all know that every breath costs. So, you can help us by contributing to the Gaushala in a part or whole. We can explain how?

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The Gaushala can also provide a board-takti Shilalekh at the campus with the donor’s name on it so others get encouragement of doing this great deed.

There are several items you can provide the Gaushala like green fodder, dry fodder, cow feeds, mineral supplements, cleaning utensils, feeders, eating salt, jaggery [gud], cow comfort equipment etc. We can help you find any of these mentioned above by sharing our suppliers contacts.