Surbhi Ashram is home to some of best Kathiawari breed of stallions and mares in India. They embellish the presence of Shri Ranchodrayji Bhagwan. He owns them and he is the soul caretaker of horses. The Kathiwari is an Indigenous breed of India who are known for their rugged and sure footed physical features and the bloodline which can be traced back to hundreds of years. They are also known for their conduct with humans where they represent the protectiveness and the loyalty they have towards their owners.

This breed of horses at Surbhi Ashram lead a very graceful life around Bhagwan himself and we strive to preserve this breed for generations to come and their indigenous development along. The horses are not for continuous breeding rather they are there to increase Bhagwan’s glory who resides on the Foothills of the Aravalli’s. At Surbhi Ashram, these horses live in a symbiotic relationship with the cows and get mixed with them on cold winter days and sometimes even hard to find when between them!

We, at Surbhi Ashram, exert our best efforts to keep their development intact and progress for their preservation for time to come.

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